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In 2016, with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Russian Industry Development Fund and the Government of the Kurgan Region, a project was launched to build a modern pharmaceutical plant for the production of medicines and API that meets the requirements of GMP.

In October 2017 the plant started production.


At the plant of Velpharm it is planned to produce more than 300 names of medicines.



Five production lines:

✔ Two tablet lines (80 million units/year);

✔ Two ampoule lines (150 million ampoules/year);

✔ One capsule line (20 million units /year).


Ampoule production

On the production line of ampoules of 2ml, 5ml, 10ml and 20ml, an automated control system for identification of ampoules from the filling and sealing stage of ampoules to the stage of ethics and packaging is installed.


Automatic Inspection Machine of ampoule

✔ Unique automatic inspection machine "AJDL48C" TRUKING automatically rejects ampoules that do not correspond to ND and checks them for leaks;

✔ Productivity of the machine from 10 to 21 thousand ampoules per hour, depending on the volume of ampoules.




✔ Ensuring quality of the produced medicines.

✔ Compulsory education of profile specialists of the enterprise according to the GMP requirements in the leading Russian agencies, taking into account the best international experience.

✔ Availability of highly skilled and competent personnel.

✔ Control of quality of finished goods with the use of the modern high-precision equipment produced in Europe.

✔ All processes, equipment, rooms, techniques and systems undergo validation – confirmation of compliance with the intended use.

✔ Ensuring quality at all stages of the life cycle of medicines.

✔ Functioning of the system of external and internal audits.

Use of production equipment by the leading global manufactures




for production of medicinal products



LLC "Velpharm" is responsible for the quality and safety of the produced medicines, taking care of its customers.

The system of LLC "Velpharm" is aimed at timely taking measures to detect, evaluate, understand and prevent adverse side effects and / or any other possible problems related to the safety and efficacy of medicinal productsв.


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